About WEEE Africa Forum

WEEE Africa Forum is a Pan-African non-profit organisation based in Durban, South Africa. We are passionate about incorporating positive and sustainable environmental practises regarding electronic waste management in every relevant industry.
It is our goal to become your central point of contact for advice and action when it comes to the proper methods of disposal of all electronic waste.

The company

The shareholders and members will be some of the largest and most capable African take-back systems. The WEEE Africa Forum General Assembly will be composed of representatives of all Member Organisations. The General Assembly will meet at least once per year.

Our vision

We want to create a uniform Africa for you – without national borders. You have a thriving retail business, but you do not want to have to battle with red tape in the various countries. We would love to become your partner for waste solutions and give you the opportunity to concentrate on your core competencies.

We aim to assist with the following:

  • Coordinate matters arising from African legislation concerning WEEE
  • International consulting and contracts
  • Centralised online portal for market declarations
  • Time and cost optimisation
  • A service of leading take-back systems in Africa
  • Maximising the operation and efficiency of the members while driving continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • Stimulating exchange of know-how and best-practices, and develop standards and technical specification to fulfil producer responsibility
  • Work towards harmonisation of procedures regarding members and associated members or other structures that assume responsibility of producers for the management of WEEE

WEE Africa intends to pursue the following main activities to achieve these objectives:

  • Collect, exchange and compare all information from its members within the limits authorised by the current legislation in order to contribute to efficient organisational operations
  • Liaise with and provide all parties concerned, including international institutions, with all pertinent information in order to promote the interest of its members
  • Organise and participate in events and projects for the exchange of information and experiences
  • Assist member and potential members with planning, creation, implementation, and management of their WEEE related projects
  • Publish and disseminate codes of practice which provides support services to its members
Keith Anderson

Keith Anderson

Founding Member/ Interim Chairperson

Keith matriculated at Damelin College and holds qualifications from the Institute of Marketing Management, Stellenbosch Graduate School of Business, UCT Graduate School of Business, Heriot-Watt University, RSA, and La Salle and Century Universities, USA.
Keith has held senior executive positions in various industries including Banking, Petro-chemical, Information Technology, Services and Consulting.

Keith Anderson’s fields of specialisation include:
Environmental issues, waste management, information technology, restructuring and regulation in support of sustainable development. In addition, his focus on energy, research and development, policy and cutting-edge business models are crucial value-adds to KAMM.

Keith, at the behest of governments and multi-nationals, has for years and still continues to deliver papers globally on environmental issues and waste management. He has served as an adviser to numerous cross-border government departments, multilateral organisations and major international and South African corporations.

For the past three years, he has been involved extensively within the private equity arena primarily focusing on unlisted companies, performing company analysis and valuation, turnaround propositions, mergers and acquisitions involved with some of the countries largest blue-chip organisations.

Having chaired and served on numerous boards of companies in various stages of their life cycles over the years, Keith is widely recognised as having provided outstanding natural acumen and sound leadership to those corporates, partners and stakeholders, sharing his extensive international management and enterprise project development experience.

Keith was also the founding member of the e-Waste Association of South Africa.

Eric Guantai

Eric Guantai

Founding Member

Mr Guantai is the current Vice-secretary of the National Steering Committee on e-waste for Kenya.

Acknowledging his contribution, Mr Guantai is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building disruptive companies that change people’s lives. He is the founder of RECYKLA INTERNATIONAL Company. RECYKLA is an end-of-life electronic waste management company that allows consumers to dispose their electronics in a sustainable way.
It links these end-of-life electronic items to collectors, transporters, recyclers and manufactures for reusable parts, hence reducing cost on mining and environmental pollution.

As a former banker, he has earned several accolades in recognition of his outstanding performance. Further, he has implemented successful industrial symbiosis programmes, not only to benefit society but also the environment while generating sustainable incomes.

View the Constitution of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).